Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Assignment 1

Just in case you don't remember what needs to be ready for tomorrow here is the text:

Go to youtube.com or instructables.com and find three sets of directions to things you would like to do.
Post links to the three sets of instructions on our class blog.
September 1 - Come to class prepared to discuss why you like each set of instructions, and we will help you decide which one to do.
Do the project, documenting the process with either video or photos.
Post the documentation on our class blog.
September 13 - Come to class with the final product and discuss how it went. Be ready to talk about it, have a list of what you enjoyed and disliked. You will be continuing with this project for the next assignment so it will be helpful to think about these things and have the class brainstorm adjusting it for next time.

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