Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another update on Camden Point

It's deer season, check it out on my blog at Living in Camden Point.

Updates next weekend, my cousin is coming up with his new wife and father-in-law to go hunting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Living in Camden Point

Jokes from Brocious

At the Halloween parade Brocious told Mary and I a few jokes.

Lizard and Monkey were sitting in a tree in the middle of the jungle sharing a joint. Lizard got thirsty and told Monkey he was going down to the river to get a drink, laughing the whole way. At the river he met Crocodile and told him what a funny sight Monkey was getting high in the tree. Well, Crocodile just had to see this. So Lizard and Crocodile headed back to the tree and Crocodile looked up and said, "Hey!" Monkey nearly fell out of the tree in his surprise and looked down at Crocodile, exclaiming, "How much did you drink!"

He also told us about a few pictures that he had drawn. One was of a bunch of dinosaurs howling at the moon, "Someone had to teach the coyotes how to howl at the moon."

Brocious also told us about a series he had drawn based on old time carnivals, one was of a horse being shot out of a cannon, instead of a man. Another was of a pool of water diving into six inches of man at 50 feet!

I will install lights into this 100+ year old Missouri farm house. Traveling at night along interstate 35- drivers and passengers will have only seconds to process the illuminated windows and cracks of this long-forgotten dwelling. My hope is that the fleeting image of this old house will stay lit within the memory and conversation as the viewers reach their destinations.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Living in Camden Point

Hey guys,

I have officially started a blog at: Hope you go see it before critique!!

Update package

The students have started working on their final projects. Alex is working on an oral history project with the town of Camden Point, where her family has lived for 4 generations before her. Connor is building a "death ray" which will be able to direct sunlight into a very focused focal point where water can be boiled very easily. Andy has begun working with a family directly off interstate 35N to make a night spectacle of one of their old barns. Nikki is experimenting with a public beading station, asking people to sit and bead something with her. And Sasha is taking her fight to change the intersection at Westport Rd and Southwest Trafficway to the level of getting petition signatures. All of these projects are directly connected with each student's personal interests and have been very self directed. I am very excited to see what happens next!

As for the lack of blog posts in October, I will take the blame for that. In order to show the class what was going on with art in the Kansas City community we met with a handful of local artists. Tex Jernigan, Jesse McAfee, Jerrad Wilson, Mary Pinizzotto, Sean Starowitz, David Prince, and Kurt Flecksing. Each of these artists contrasted one another and made for very good discussions. By the end of October we all had a better understanding of what was happening around Kansas City.

Our critiques will be split into two class periods and dates are still pending.

More soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For Sunday

My address is 20700 Edgerton Junction Rd. Camden Point, MO 64018. Just come up the I-29, take a right at the Camden Point exit (25) and come past town to highway DD. After the second big turn take Edgerton Junction Rd, we are the second house on the left.

Bring your hiking boots and a good jacket, we'll be touring the farm in the morning. Don't be afraid of the dogs, just come on in and be ready to eat the best breakfast you've ever had!!!