Monday, November 8, 2010

Update package

The students have started working on their final projects. Alex is working on an oral history project with the town of Camden Point, where her family has lived for 4 generations before her. Connor is building a "death ray" which will be able to direct sunlight into a very focused focal point where water can be boiled very easily. Andy has begun working with a family directly off interstate 35N to make a night spectacle of one of their old barns. Nikki is experimenting with a public beading station, asking people to sit and bead something with her. And Sasha is taking her fight to change the intersection at Westport Rd and Southwest Trafficway to the level of getting petition signatures. All of these projects are directly connected with each student's personal interests and have been very self directed. I am very excited to see what happens next!

As for the lack of blog posts in October, I will take the blame for that. In order to show the class what was going on with art in the Kansas City community we met with a handful of local artists. Tex Jernigan, Jesse McAfee, Jerrad Wilson, Mary Pinizzotto, Sean Starowitz, David Prince, and Kurt Flecksing. Each of these artists contrasted one another and made for very good discussions. By the end of October we all had a better understanding of what was happening around Kansas City.

Our critiques will be split into two class periods and dates are still pending.

More soon!

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