Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Living in Camden Point

Jokes from Brocious

At the Halloween parade Brocious told Mary and I a few jokes.

Lizard and Monkey were sitting in a tree in the middle of the jungle sharing a joint. Lizard got thirsty and told Monkey he was going down to the river to get a drink, laughing the whole way. At the river he met Crocodile and told him what a funny sight Monkey was getting high in the tree. Well, Crocodile just had to see this. So Lizard and Crocodile headed back to the tree and Crocodile looked up and said, "Hey!" Monkey nearly fell out of the tree in his surprise and looked down at Crocodile, exclaiming, "How much did you drink!"

He also told us about a few pictures that he had drawn. One was of a bunch of dinosaurs howling at the moon, "Someone had to teach the coyotes how to howl at the moon."

Brocious also told us about a series he had drawn based on old time carnivals, one was of a horse being shot out of a cannon, instead of a man. Another was of a pool of water diving into six inches of man at 50 feet!

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