Sunday, September 12, 2010


So here's the puppet. He's awfully cute, I'm pretty happy with him. You all noticed the change from the tinsel to the fabric boas, which is not only greener, but a lot more attractive. I also opted to make his head out of paper mache instead of a styrofoam ball, which, again, more green, more attractive. Substituting a stick instead of the ruler was a matter of cost-effectiveness, and I'm not sure if it works with the over-all look, but I saved dough, so whatever.
Some things I will change when I make the next one:
1. I want to figure out hands and feet. I have some washers, but they're being used in a photoshoot currently. When I get them back, I will use them to weigh down the feet. I think I will make the hands and feet out of paper mache, like the head.
2. Smaller boas... this means just that I would string up smaller squares, as those squares are awfully fat. I would also make his arms a little shorter than his legs.
3. Since it would be my final puppet, I might go crazy and buy a wooden dowl instead of using a twig. I also want to experiment with making a more traditional marionette cross at the top, instead of just one line.

I'm gonna request that tomorrow I go first, and we all make our paper mache heads. It won't take much time, and that way for my real workshop we don't have to worry about waiting for the head to dry.

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