Thursday, May 12, 2011

Designs for the Homegrown Sign

Here is a backwards progression of the development of my design for the KCAI Homegrown Garden sign and information board. The top three images below represent the final (pretty much) design, arrived at through discussion with the students involved in the garden. The top image is obviously a scale drawing, and is a back view of the sign (meaning the info board side is shown). Below is another view of the info side (not to exact scale), and the one below that is my first drawing of the front, where the main graphic for the sign will go. The drawings below these represent some of my preliminary ideas that I showed to get a sense of what people liked the best. The text/graphic on the front of the sign will be designed and executed by someone else involved in the project. The roof will be covered with ceramic tiles early next semester. The three panels on the back of the sign will have a locked case, a blank board, and a chalkboard for pertinent information about the garden to be posted and shared. This is a continuing project and will be completed toward the middle of the fall 2011 semester.


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