Saturday, March 5, 2011

Final Project

I’ve always been interested in how people are forced to negotiate with structures when they move them, like moving furniture up stairs. So, after seeing images like these from the Trisha Brown Dance Company

And Merce Cunningham

I've always wanted to make outfits where someone is forced to be moving awkwardly connected to a 2x4 or a strange constructed architecture. To me this is a good project to do for green sculpture as a way to bring up our immediate physical relationship to our surroundings, as thinking about it more could be beneficial.

Now that I am refreshed on crocheting thanks to Zach’s wife’s presentation in class, I’m thinking of this as a way to process materials. I made a small piece after that workshop and I like the way the knots look as a drawing.

I was thinking I could make a tapestry from plastic sort of in the fashion of Anni Albers...

I use building materials a lot in my studio. In seeing Sara’s trash Island project and how they used trash as a building material, I’m thinking I could also use this elective to build building materials out of debris that I could use in the future in my studio.

These are some of the ideas I have. I’ll talk to you guys Monday.

Also, here's an interesting thing that is going on: LEED. This program deals with the effective use of materials in architecture and design.

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