Monday, February 28, 2011

Boat Building Ideas

I am planning on building a boat as my main project this semester, so, in preparation, I have been looking at plans for different types of simple boats. I would really like to primarily base my boat on The American Boy's Handy Book from 1882, but I thought it could be helpful to look at some contemporary tips as well. I think I will end up making a scow, basically, but maybe with curved sides, like a skiff. I'm not sure if I will go with plywood or all-plank construction, it might depend a bit on what the best free repurposed wood I can get is. I am also thinking about the exact function or idea I am intending for the boat to have, so I can hone the design to enhance that. It would be incredible to build a birch bark canoe or a dugout, but I think that might be a bit over my head for this class.

The above link is great because it demonstrates how much one can make with pretty major limitations and a low budget. I would not have to follow the same restrictions in making my boat, but it gives a good idea of what's possible. Below are some other ideas I looked at to see a variety of options.


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