Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My project and why it's failing (plus pictures!)

OK. So here's how it's going.

Project: DIY Airbrush

Why it's failing:
The first main problem is that I didn't have (or have easily accessible) any of the materials. The second problem is that the Instructable I am working from is designed as a super low-tech blow-powered airbrush. Come to find out, there are more complications than I anticipated in upgrading it to a heavier-duty air compressor powered airbrush. One of these complications is the fact that I need couplings to attach the tubes to the compressor hose. So, I went to Harbor Freight and spent 26 dollars on 6 each of 2 kinds of parts. When I returned I found that one part I got I didn't need and I did in fact really need a splitter (so both hoses could be hooked to the air) and some kind of regulator valve (stopping the air by bending the hose doesn't workView Blog too great). So, I went to the hardware store to get the other things I needed for everyone to make an airbrush. This brings us to the third major problem. Getting all the materials for everyone to make one of these puppies would be expensive. As in 63 dollars, not counting the hardware to connect the airbrush to the air compressor, which was mostly too big for my tiny flexible tubing and also super pricey (especially since I was at Ace and had already blown my chance to get what I needed cheaper at Harbor Freight). Even if I bought all of the stuff, I hadn't finished and tested one of these yet, so I didn't know if they would even work.
Therefore, I gave up on both the valve-controlled air compressor connection and having all the materials for everyone to make one on Wednesday and I went back to studio to at least try to get one working so that I could see if it was worth it and to try not to let the whole project be a complete failure.

On a more positive note:
Here is a series of pictures which show some key points in the progress of my trial airbrush.

1. Everything is cut, drilled, and mostly assembled. Materials used were a marker, 3 types of flexible tubing, a length of PVC pipe, capped on both ends, and the nozzle from a spray bottle (but based on the pictures, not the exact same kind as the Instructables person used.)

2. Epoxy! It holds stuff together and smells bad. I used Emily's, cause I was out.

3. Loookin goood. Everything is epoxied together and just needs to set.

4. Oh wait. Here are the stupid fittings I bought that don't do what I need. Sure wish I'd planned that better.

Now, all I can do is wait until tomorrow to try out the airbrush with some paint and see if it works, then we will talk in class and figure out what I'm going to do about teaching you all to make them.
See you tonight.


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  1. Hang in there champ...I don't mind just using my breath for air, as long as I don't get a new "grill". ...and like Annie said, "DIY is green."