Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plunger Squat Seat

The squat seat made from a toilet plunger and bike seat was a success! With a couple of alterations from the Instructables instructions we were able to make ours for around a buck! (The cost of the Plunger.)

First we measured a piece of scrap wood to a comfortable squat height and cut to size. The instructables website recommends round wood but we improvised with what was available and used a sander to round the ends of some scrap wood.
  • Once we rounded each end of our sticks we attached the bike seats. ( In some cases this took a little elbow grease and some help.) After the seats were secured we then attached the plunger end. (We figured out a washer is good to add for more surface area before connecting the plunger to the stick with the woodscrew.) Wa la! It does not freely stand but we figure that is part of its versatile nature.

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